03 agosto, 2010


Hello everybody!! Put your hand up in the air if you still follow this blog?
Yeeah! Big crowd.. :)
Anyways. I'm still trying not to let this die.
And today I'm gonna share an experience that I found very interesting.

I once was selling something on the local classifieds, and someone was interested in buying it. This person then asked me if I could deliver it. Since he wasn't very far from Rafa's way back from work, I agreed to deliver. The problem was that he wouldn't be at home by the time we could deliver the object. His solution: "You bring the item and put in my mailbox, and I'll leave the money there".
It's interesting how some people just trust others.

25 junho, 2010

Hola Pessoal!

isso eh um teste..

Chrysanthemum Foto generica do Windows.

29 março, 2010

16 março, 2010

Editing pictures

I Loooove editing pictures. Actually, I love pictures! Editing is just part of it.. :)

Black and white effects are really cool. Whenever I wanted to apply them to a picture, I would go to a pic editing software and just use the b&w effect function. But I was seldom satisfied with the results. So boring.. Not even close to the professional ones.
With a little help from Google, I quickly discovered a very easy way to get it a lot better. I don't remember the website anymore, but I learned the following:
On Photoshop -
use the channel mixer, select "monochrome" and play with red, blue and green cursors. One good tip is to get one of the colors at 100% and the others at 0%.
Really cool!

11 março, 2010


During the first year here in Canada we were very excited with all the changes in nature.
Specially for me, because I'm from a place where there's only two seasons - rain and sun - and they are not very different (except for the rain), observing the four seasons being very different to each other was a great experience.

Now we are starting the spring season again. All the cartoons I used to watch when I was little make sense now: the birds singing, the blossom, people being happier, etc. This season the snow starts to melt, it's 5C outside, but it's warm enough to wear only a sweater, the days are sunny, and it only gets dark at 7pm. Oh, I love the spring!

I also hate the spring :). Last year we had a daily visitor in our bedroom window, and he used to get here at 6am knocking at the "door" insistently and very loudly. This year he's back!!
Last year he stayed for a couple of months. This year, I think he got here a little earlier. He's not bothering us anymore because we've decided to switch rooms.

Here is a short video I made this week.

26 fevereiro, 2010

Middle Finger Kid

Are they the same boy?

I know the first picture for a long time. The one on the right I just got an email with it. The moment I put my eyes on it, I remembered the first one! Now I'm curious to know if they are the same.. I noticed they both have the same gesture in their hands! :)


25 janeiro, 2010

Switchfoot - one night to remember!