16 março, 2010

Editing pictures

I Loooove editing pictures. Actually, I love pictures! Editing is just part of it.. :)

Black and white effects are really cool. Whenever I wanted to apply them to a picture, I would go to a pic editing software and just use the b&w effect function. But I was seldom satisfied with the results. So boring.. Not even close to the professional ones.
With a little help from Google, I quickly discovered a very easy way to get it a lot better. I don't remember the website anymore, but I learned the following:
On Photoshop -
use the channel mixer, select "monochrome" and play with red, blue and green cursors. One good tip is to get one of the colors at 100% and the others at 0%.
Really cool!

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Suzane Farias disse...

Tão bonitinho com essa cara de mal!!!