20 janeiro, 2010

Rafa banned!

Hello everybody!
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I removed Rafa from the colaborators list. Now, just me..
Maybe if the huge crowd that follows this blog insist for me to let him write here again, I might give him a chance.. ;)

So, what a terrible thing happened at Haiti, eh? All the news here are about that. And it feels good that the whole world is helping, though. Rafa sent me this email about how his company is helping:

"In order to help the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti earlier this week, CAE will double all employee donations that are made around the world to UNICEF or the Red Cross from now and until January 29.
This means that for every $10 donated by employees of any location around the world, CAE will donate $20, for a total of $30.
In addition, the Canadian government will also match any contribution made by Canadian citizens. This means for every $10 donated by a Canadian CAE employee, a total of $40 will be donated to help with the relief effort ($10 by the employee, $20 by CAE and $10 by the government)."

I wonder sometimes how lucky brazilians are, since they(we) have almost no natural disaster. Recently we have had some problems with lots of rain, but I'm not sure how that could be compared to the sort of things we've seen lately.

You can help:

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